Wizardry Serpent House
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"Wizardry Serpent House" by arinesart
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arinesart Those cunning folks in Slytherin use any means to achieve their ends.
Q: Who are you and where are you from?
A: I'm Carlos, from Spain, and I'm a geeky secret designer/agent/hitman. Please keep THIS secret.
Q: Where do you get your design inspirations from?
A: From clouds. From books. From movies. From your dinner. From your Bedroom (:O)... From Everywhere, as I'm EVERYWHERE...
Q: Any secret designs you have in the works that you can hint at?
A: Can't hint anything. They're secret (like me!!), dammit!!
Q: Aside from a designer, what's your dream profession?
A: Millionaire (secret) designer (agent/hitman).
Q: What's the weirdest skill/ability that you have?
A: To be a better artist. Better enough so I could fake my own money. So I can be a milliona... well, what I said above!!
Q: Anything else you'd like to say?
A: I really, REALLY, love (and I mean LOVE) cats. But I recently developed a stupid alergy to cats. Now THAT'S irony, Alanis. Get your facts straight!
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