Send Us Your Artwork

You'll get paid!

You get paid! 10% of all sales in that 24–hour period go to the artists

Step 1

Design Exposure

We give the artists exposure via promoting their social media links and promoting them as an artist to our community (including our social media)

Step 2

Easy process

We take care of manufacturing, fulfillment, returns or exchanges, and all customer service

Step 3

Things to consider...

Do you have artistic merit?

Simply put, the overall quality of the art itself. We strive for quality over quantity.

Is your design unique?

Quite often designs are turned down on the principal that nearly identical designs have already been printed. A simple Internet search can ensure you don't design something that already exists. New takes on old designs are always welcome.

Do you have good content?

Careful attention to the brands/design styles used is critical. What's hot, what's not? Your designs content is key to success.

Are you the first to the market?

Timing is everything. Did an Internet meme pop-up overnight? Has something happened in the media that's worth designing around? Always strive to be the first to market!

Do you have the IT factor?

There are great designs, and then there are designs that just have that "IT" factor. Nobody can really put his or her finger on it, but when you've got it you know it!